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Mav’s Jersey? Why Not? :)

Mav's Jersey? Why Not? :)

I saw the blog about the Mav’s jersey contest earlier this month and figured “why not?” By no stretch of the imagination am I an artist. I saw several people upset over the idea that non-graphic designer might win. I recognize that graphic design is their chosen career and acknowledge the fact that they may have spent years creating art to earn their “stripes.” I have worked with many graphic designers in the past, some more talented than others. However, I also recognize that you can only sell what someone wants to buy. Your creations may be better in your mind than what an inexperienced person produces, but it is always the desire of the client that drives a sale. You may feel Cuban is being cheap. Maybe he is. Bottom line is that being mad and hurling insults doesn’t accomplish anything. It does not sell your design, it does not change/discourage the contest, nor does it make Cuban any less rich. Perhaps you should consider the power of the bragging rights over the money of achieving the winning jersey. I think it would be impressive to meet/know someone that had a hand in the design. That may not put food on the table, but neither does bad attitude.